Seattle fashion blog Here's a shot from the international interior design association's"Fashion + fusion"Show that i judged with ignite models' allison hempehpour(Left), Project Runway's Christopher Straub(2nd from left)And mnfashion founder anna lee(Right).Also pictured are hollie mae of hmstyling(Middle)And jessica cunningham of ignite models(2nd from right).I wore a vintage cheetah print blouse with leather leggings.Super comfy. Next up is a shot from pink hobo's halloween party.As you can see, i declined to dress up.It would've been the second night in a row, since this party was actually on halloween(Sunday).I've discussed my feelings about halloween before, so this should come as no surprise.While tontie dressed as garbage, scott dressed as a caveman and kathleen dressed as carmen sandiego, i wore a vintage blouse and sweater with a skirt acquired at a clothing swap.My necklace is by bionic unicorn. Here i am with sarah white of jagress intimates(Middle)And meghan mcandrews of high plains thrifter at sceneasota a few weeks ago.I decided not to wear bottoms that night;There's just something about oversized sweaters and tights that make me feel cozy.Who needs pants?Meg and i had a lovely time clomping around the city in our clogs.Aren't hers adorable?I believe they're jeffrey campbells. Last but not least, here's a shot from the mia's third thursday fashion party, which i blogged about here.I'm standing next to the ever stylish molly roark.I need to get beauty tips from that girl.Her makeup always looks flawless, just like it does in this photo.She's doing something right. Basically, i don't want to look like i just stepped off christian louboutin outlet uk a compound in utah. The key is to keep this look christian louboutin mens lace ups chic, of course, is in the styling.While chloe's character is often wearing long, floral skirts, she pairs them with frilly blouses buttoned all the way up to her chin.I like to add a masculine touch, like a chambray blouse with the top three buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up, or a fitted, sexy cashmere sweater with a pendant necklace or a colorful scarf. Shoes are also important i've been pairing my long skirts with combat boots, clogs, and, in warmer months, sandals.A waist belt is also super cute, but find a more clean, modern style, as opposed to the western type chloe wears. Hair is probably the most obvious polygamist giveaway.I'd avoid any type of prim, conservative style when wearing long skirts.Try loose, messy curls or a stick straight look. Last but not least, accessorize.Throw on a cute bowler cap, slouchy beanie, ankle socks, bangles, cocktail rings whatever it's going to take to keep things contemporary, not matronly. I know it's thanksgiving and i'm supposed to be counting my blessings, but online shopping is way more fun, doncha think?Here's some stuff i'm coveting in a major way. Alexander mcqueen biker jacket zip booties, $1, 155, neiman marcuspleated leather skirt, neiman marcuslong, flowing, high waisted skirtsalexa chung for madewell silk margot skirt, $158, madewell Jeffrey christian louboutin mens shoes campbell solvang clogs, $188, free people Avedon fashion coffee table book, $100, barnes noble Aztec leggings, $34, need supplyjuicy couture polka dot chain link mini bag, $148, neiman marcusderek lam segmented pullover, $590, barneys new yorkwelder jeans, $98.50, Madewell